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mediaeater links for September 25th from 08:35 to 17:03:

  • Warner Deal Brings Green Day, Madonna, U2 Back to YouTube – Advertising Age – Digital – Warner artists have been off YouTube since December, but the talks, led by Google's VP of content partnerships, David Eun, and Warner's digital chief, Michael Nash, restarted this summer. One exec said the delay in announcing the deal is clerical: Warner is delivering the files to YouTube, which is encoding them, a process that takes time.
  • Official Google Blog: Place Pages for Google Maps: There are places we remember! – tarting today, you can do that on Place Pages for Google Maps. A Place Page is a webpage for every place in the world, organizing all the relevant information about it. By every place, we really mean *every* place — there are Place Pages for businesses, points of interest, transit stations, neighborhoods, landmarks and cities all over the world.

    You can get to a Place Page by clicking on "more info" in search results, or by clicking "more info" in the mini-bubble. Now, instead of just getting a slightly bigger bubble, you'll get an entire page of rich details, like photos, videos, a Street View preview, nearby transit, reviews and related websites.

  • YouTube – Eric Schmidt at the Royal Television Society Convention – Eric Schmidt at the Royal Television Society Convention
  • Paramount COO Blames, Boxee and Mininova for Piracy – He then proceeded to showcase how easy it is to get pirated content by going to two sites not on the Alexa list: Mininova and Mininova is “clearly an illegal web site,” according to Huntsberry, who proceeded to search for this year’s release of Star Trek. He picked one of the results and started to download the torrent. Seems like a clear-cut case of a site out to ruin Hollywood, right? Well, if would be, if it wasn’t for the fact that Mininova has started to test the proactive removal of infringing content through a filtering system supplied and controlled by the Motion Picture Association of America, according to court records (PDF) and a Torrentfreak article. Paramount, of course, is a member of the MPAA.
  • Two Dozen Media Outlets and Others Join Us as Beta Testers | DocumentCloud Blog – DocumentCloud Blog

    Go to our project site.
    Two Dozen Media Outlets and Others Join Us as Beta Testers

    We have some more news: About two dozen news and other organizations have signed on as beta-testers. They’ll be contributing documents to DocumentCloud, and giving us feedback as we work out the kinks. It’s a wide-ranging list:

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