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  • MediaPost Raw » Blog Archive » Yes, Indeed, It Is A Mixed Up World – That’s the way OMMA Global New York moderator Terence Kawaja, President and CEO, LUMA Partners LLC, described the current state of the media marketplace.

    Specifically, he cited these amazing changes among some big industry players:

    WPP is an ad network

    Glam is a technology partner

    Hearst Corp. is an agency

    IBM is an ad analytics firm

    Facebook is a data company

    And Google, well, Kawaja, noted, is all of the above, of course.

    Yes indeed it is a mixed up world

  • COICA Fact Sheet | Stop the Internet Blacklist! | Demand Progress – And even without a court order, sites can get blacklisted just by order of the Attorney General — and the bill encourages ISPs to block those sites as well. ISPs have plenty of reason to obey a government blacklist even when they're not legally required.
  • ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Engine
  • News Desk: Jason Schwartzman Introduces The New Yorker iPad App : The New Yorker – "please keep in mind that the New Yorker is constantly updating and improving their apps.."
  • COGNITIVE SLAVES – Global Guerrillas – The companies that have created the most new value in the last decade, are Internet companies like Facebook, Google, etc.  They've created hundreds of billions in market value, driven by billions in financial profits.  Good for them, but bad for us.

    Why?  IF these companies represent the most valuable new industry of the early 21st Century, where are the jobs that will provide prosperity for millions today, and potentially tens of millions in the future?  They don't exist.  These companies create few real jobs.

    The distressing part is that in reality these companies actually employ hundreds of millions of people, particularly young and otherwise un or underemployed superusers.  People that work for them day in and day out for free: finding, sifting, sorting, connecting, building, etc.

  • “Freudian Slips” by Big Troubles – Big Troubles "Freudian Slips" Worry (Olde English Spelling Bee LP
  • TheLikeStream – Home
  • Maximizing Serendipity – To me it means that you have to increase the chances of something random happening to you, you have to increase your chances of being lucky. It fits in with another theory I have, which is that it takes alot of skill to be lucky. It takes alot of effort to get yourself into the right place so that when luck, or randomness, or serendipity strikes, you capitalize on it.
  • USA Today to Throw Open its Data This Month – At the moment, the developer site is open to internal developers only. However, USA Today plans to launch it to the public by end of September. The company has already announced two of its upcoming datasets: the Best Selling Books API and Sports Salaries API. USA Today provided ProgrammableWeb early access to its to API for our USA Today API profile and this post.

    The Best-Selling Books API returns the weekly list of the nation’s top-selling books (1-150) as compiled by USA Today, along with several pieces of metadata like Author, Rank, History and so on. An example call to retrieve all titles by J.K.Rowling that appeared in the top 150 is given below:

    The Sports Selling API gives access to the USA Today Sports Salaries database. This database called MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA and is available for multiple seasons, player, position and team data. It should help enable some interesting mashups.

  • Mister Saturday Night
  • Vanishing Point on yay!everyday
  • Network Supported APIs – Verizon location based API @ network level –
  • Why theTV Grid StillMatters – 2010-09-20 04:01:00 | Broadcasting & Cable – Yes, DVR penetration is growing; Nielsen puts it at 37%, up more than 50% over 2008. But that still leaves more than 60% of the viewing audience watching programs live and (presumably) watching commercials, which is ultimately what pays the bills.

    “The majority of television viewing is still done the old-fashioned way,” says Preston Beckman, executive VP of strategic program planning at Fox. “That’s obviously evolving. I don’t know if it’s going to go away in the near future because we still have to ! gure out what’s a hit and what’s not a hit. And that’s still dependent on ratings. We live in a very insulated world out here, so we think everyone consumes media the way we do.

  • Interpol – Lights (Bbc 6 Music Session)
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